It is almost impossible today to turn on the television or radio and not hear someone offering to buy your unwanted jewelry. They usually say they are willing to pay you top dollar for that jewelry. The fact is, the majority of those companies (including pawn shops) are not the best place to sell a diamond ring. They tend to make false promises and often use unscrupulous appraisal practices, rarely giving you a fair price.

At Diamond Lighthouse, our goal is to give you the best price with every sale. Every diamond ring is examined by a GIA certified, expert gemologist. All of our evaluations are impartial. Working in tandem with industry professionals who fully understand the diamond market and current trends, we help you realize the highest value for your diamond ring. We act as brokers, not salespeople. The only profit we make is a commission from the sale (10% for diamonds 1 carat and higher), so you receive the most money possible. We work with an extensive network of diamond dealers who are actively looking for diamond rings just like yours.

The process is simple. Send your diamond ring to us in our secure, fully insured FedEx packaging, or schedule an in-house appointment and bring your diamond ring to our offices. Once the ring has been fully examined by our gemologists, we’ll list your diamond for sale in our online marketplace that is strictly available to our national network of approved diamond buyers. (You will be able to view those bids in a personal online portal.) During each step of the process, you are in control. You’re free to select the highest offer, or request to have your ring shipped back, free of charge.

Once you accept an offer, we close the sale and send you the money promptly. Visit Diamond Lighthouse today either online or contact us by phone at 212-776-0003 to learn why we are the best place to sell a diamond ring.

You may have ended an engagement, or your husband replaced that ring with a larger one as an anniversary gift.