There are many unscrupulous online appraisal companies who use methods (not in line with industry standards) to appraise diamonds in an effort to keep you from getting the full value of your gemstone. Their evaluations are subjective, not objective, and sellers will rarely receive the best price. What this means is that they will basically tell you that your diamond is worth less than its actual market value because they are hoping to purchase it from you for this low price and then resell it to someone else for a large profit margin. The next faction of inaccurate diamond appraisals comes from a completely different source, insurance companies. Such companies will give you a false estimate of your diamond jewelry’s worth, but they have other motives than those who simply want to buy your diamond for a low price. Insurance companies will often appraise diamond jewelry for a much higher price than it is actually worth. They do this because this allows them to charge higher premiums on the diamond jewelry. So here we have another group that may give intentionally false appraisals, for self serving reasons.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, Diamond Lighthouse works for the seller. Every diamond that Diamond Lighthouse receives is examined by a GIA certified, expert gemologist. Our evaluations are completely impartial. Working together with industry professionals who fully understand the diamond market and current trends, we are able to help you receive the highest value for your gemstone. We serve solely as a broker. We do take a commission from the sale (10% for diamonds 1 carat and higher), so we always strive to get you the most money possible. We work with a large network of diamond dealers who are searching for a diamond just like yours. The process is simple. Send your diamond to us in our secure, fully insured FedEx packaging or schedule an in-house appointment and bring your diamond to our offices. Once your diamond has been fully examined by our gemologists, we reach out to our network to let our contacts know your diamond is available. They then place competitive bids on your diamond, which you are able to view online in a personal portal. You are in control of every step of the process, and ultimately are free to select the highest offer (or request to have your diamond shipped back, free of charge). Once you accept an offer, we close the sale and send you the money, in an extremely quick turnaround. Diamond Lighthouse has more than 30 years of experience in evaluating gemstones. We know that a transparent diamond exchange market is fair not only to the buyer, but to the seller as well.

To learn more about our diamond appraisal process, visit our website today or give us a call at 212-776-0003